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RentGini was originally conceived from the Idea to provide a Platform to share thing that we don’t use regularly and reduce Overconsumption or Over Consumerism. We buy a lot of things that we don’t use regularly…they just occupy space in our homes and accumulate dust…why not rent it and make money out of it. E.g. Prams, gaming consoles, Books, Gym/sports equipments, Drill, Ladder etc

Also, there are things that we want but are very expensive to buy or we just need to use it very occasionally…why not rent it. E.g. Camera/Lens, Gaming console, Cars, Bikes etc

Also, if you plan to buy something expensive…you might want to rent it to check if you really like it before you actually buy or if you are going on vacation, you can rent your Car/Bike & make money.

Or you have some things that you want to share/rent without charging for e.g. books for underprivileged or your unused TV or sports equipment to an orphanage etc…while you don’t charge, you can opt to take a security deposit/check.

Reusing/ Renting/Sharing also saves out environment….Everything we buy needs manufacturing, packaging and transportation…you can imaging the impact we can make on our environment by reusing through renting or sharing instead of buying.

So…now that you have understood the idea…About us…

RentGini is a startup which aims to facilitate Reuse through renting or sharing and in the process help individuals and business make or save money while saving our environment.

We are currently located in Bangalore and you can reach us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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