What is RentGini ?

RentGini is a startup which aims to facilitate Reuse through renting or sharing and in the process help individuals and business make or save money while saving our environment.

How does RentGini Works?

RentGini put the Owners (who give their products on rent) in touch with Renters (Who take products on rent) through an Online Platform. To know the detailed process go to “RentGini Explained”

Do I have to pay anything to RentGini ?

Currently, The Registration and Usage of Rentgini.com is absolutely free.

Do I need to Register for using RentGini ?

You don’t have to register for Searching a product but you will have Register for Posting Products or contacting any member.

What Products can I Post for Rent ?

You can post anything that is legal, does not have any offensive content and does not harm the sentiments of any groups…SO …No Guns, No Bombs, No Porno, No Piracy…etc…etc
And you have to be the owner and should have the authority to rent the Product.

Can I post a Product without Photos ?

Yes…but we recommend that you put photos as the adverts with photos gets 5 times more hits than the ones without photos.

How much should I Charge as Rent ?

It’s up to you to decide on the renal you want for your product but It’s usually the Demand Supply dynamics and the condition of your product…If there are similar products/services like yours, priced much lower.….then you might not get the required attention from customers…unless your product is unique…then you may demand the price.

Here is what we recommend but you should take the final decision:
1 Day : 1% of the Item Value
1 Week : 5% of the Item Value
1 Month : 10% of the Item Value

What is a Security Deposit?

Security Deposit is something the owner takes to ensure the renter takes care of their product and returns it in the same condition. While the popular security Deposit is a Security Check, The owner can choose to take Cash, DL, Passport etc. While it’s your decision, we Recommend a Security Check (Approx. 25% value of product) along with a copy of ID and Address Proof and don’t forget to sign the Rental Agreement.

What happens when something goes wrong? (loss, damage, no show at rental point)?

RentGini provides you with a sample Rental Agreement to fill between owner and renter at the pick-up meeting. This document allows you to make a complete review of the product, make sure you have the correct contact information of the owner and the Renter, certify the delivery of the deposit, etc. This document must be signed by both parties: Owner and Renter. In case of damage, the Owner is entitled to retain a portion or all of the deposit, depending on the damage. RentGini does not insure rentals and has no liability in case of breakage or damage. Make sure to fill out the Rental Agreement to protect you in case of problems during the rental.

What Additional steps should I follow to ensure a Safe & Smooth transaction ?

Go through the Sample rental Agreement and Modify according to your needs. Also…Please visit our security page for instructions to be followed to ensure a Safe & Smooth transaction.

What is Evaluation and Star Rating ?

We encourage both Owners and Renters to do the evaluation after completion of the transaction. The Evaluation process has a 5 star rating system where 5* is considered the best and it also has a comment section. We have the evaluation for the Owner, Product and the renter for all parties to be able to share their experience.

How do I Remove or Deactivate an Item which I posted?

You can Remove or Deactivate your Ad from the “My Account” Section.

Does my Ad/Listing Expire?

Yes, The Ad expires in 1 month, you will get an email a week before to renew it.

Why Do I need to Provide my Phone No., Email & Address during registration?

The users’ privacy is very important to us. We do not and shall not at any point in time, either sell or rent users’ personal information to third parties without users’ explicit consent.
Phone: For the Potential renter to contact the owner or vice versa
Email: We don’t share your email address with anyone, this is primarily for Rentgini to reach you regarding your registration, posting, search or any other communications through Rentgini.
Address: Address is necessary so that your items available for rent can be located and mapped, for potential renters to visualize them. Your address is needed for establishing rental agreements. Your address is also a factor in establishing the necessary confidence a business or private owner needs in order to rent you something. Finally, it allows RentGini to alert you easily of rental opportunities close to where you live.
It is a necessary part of signing up and renting via Rentgini. Of course, you can surf the site as much as you want, to find out what is for rent before joining.

What about Delivery or transportation of the Product?

The Owner will mention if they will deliver the product to you. If the Owner is not delivering the product, we recommend that you speak to each other on the phone and decide a common meeting point.
For Expensive Items, we recommend that owner delivers the product so that they can verify the address as well…But in the end it is between the Owner and Renter to Decide…Pls. go through the Security Page on RentGini for tips to ensure a smooth and safe transaction.

I don’t find items that I am looking for…

Click on “Items I Want” and mention the things that you are looking for . This will be visible for all members (Individuals and business), You should defiantly get a response.

I want to share(rent for free) a few things to an Orphanage or an Old Age Homes or anyone else

You Can post your product and mention the price as 0. While you don’t charge, you can opt to take a security deposit/check to ensure that they take care of your stuff.

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