Welcome to RentGini, the place where you can rent anything…We help you earn or save money through renting and save the environment as well…here is how…

What do you do with a pram when your child grows, what happens to your guitar, treadmill, old gaming consoles, gaming CD’s , books which you now don’t use regularly…they just lay at your home accumulating dust and occupy space…why not rent it and make money. Similarly your bike or car which you don’t need regularly…or for that matter…you power tools…drills, ladder…as I said earlier…you can rent out anything that you don’t need regularly.... and make money… Or you have some things that you want to share/rent out Free to an Orphanage or a Old age Home… for e.g. Books or your unused TV or sports equipment /gaming console etc…you can do that through RentGini . While you don’t charge, you can opt to take a security deposit/check to ensure that they take care of your things

While selling your old stuff is an option…but you get a very meager sum for your used staff…and if you need it again…you will end up buying at a higher cost….SO it does make a lot of sense to rent things which you will need occasionally. And over a period of time, you will generate better returns/more money than selling…So renting is a much better proposition then selling.

Now on the other side, why buy when you can rent things and get your work done…we have always been renting houses, shops and vehicles….now you can do the same for a lot of other things… for e.g. you have been thinking of learning Keyboard/Guitar/piano/drums….but the cost to buy those is high…why not rent it for a fraction of the cost…you can always buy it in future…if you really need. Same concept applies for Cameras, lenses, Gaming console, Medical Equipments, CD’s, books etc Or, If you are thinking of buying something expensive…for E.g... Car/bike, TV, Camera, Video Game, Treadmill or even a phone…why not rent it for some time to check if you really like the product before you actually buy it.

This is also very helpful for People who are in a city for a short time…why buy all the home appliances and risk getting it broken during transportation…there are business or Individuals who would be renting out AC, TV, Fridge, washing machine etc…Rent it for a fraction of the cost. Also, if you are starting your business; you can reduce your investment substantially by renting instead of buying…Office furniture, Computers, Security cameras, AC, coffee machine, freezers… etc

Reusing/ Renting/Sharing is also good our environment…. We currently live in a world which promotes Over Consumerism. Personal credit allows us to make purchases beyond our income-level. Our earth produces enough resources to meet all of our needs, but it does not produce enough resources to meet all of our wants. And whether you consider yourself an environmentalist or not, it is tough to argue with the fact that consuming more resources than the earth can replenish is not a healthy trend—especially when it is completely unnecessary.

Everything we buy needs manufacturing, packaging and transportation…All this has a negative impact on our environment - Polluting & depleting our natural resources….you can imaging the impact we can make on our environment by Reusing at least a few things through Renting or Sharing instead of buying.

Thanks for your time, Go ahead and register on RentGini for Free and have a good time renting. I also encourage you to visit the “Rentgini Explained” & “Security” Page where we tell you the process to follow for a Smooth & Safe renting. For any questions, you can always reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please visit the Page:“Environment friendly” to learn more on how Reusing /Renting can save Our environment /Our precious natural resources / our Earth

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